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  • Our production is made in EU. Uniforms are produced by small team of professional. The team is supporting all the way of making the uniform: from discussions about models, models constructions to high quality sewing services. Our professional team you will find here:

  • Constant cooperation with the factory. To make the uniform takes a long time. In this long process we are always in cooperation with the factory to find the highest quality and comfortability.

  • Long production period. We work long period with one model, from choosing the right sizes to the best fabric. We are trying samples for about 6 months: wearing everyday, washing and ironing in high temperatures. Until we decide that the product will be offered to you.

  • High quality fabric. The fabric which is used for sewing uniforms is made in EU.

  • …ALSO…

  • washing in high temperatures

  • ironing or steaming in high temperatures if needed

  • good wearing at work

  • good and easy washing

  • serves for more then year, so you don't need to buy a new often



  • QUALITY!!! You buy only once.

  • You buy the attitude.

  • You buy the confidence of your client. You look professional!

  • You save money! Don't need to use/buy personal clothes.

  • You get you work uniform which:

    • don't change the color

    • don't change the shape

    • don't change the deterioration of fabric



  • You will have the good quality product for a long time. Don't need to buy a new after a few months.

  • Good price for handmade product.

  • Your uniform was made by professional team.

  • Your clients will see you like a professional in your field.

  • It is made in EU, during working hours, for the good salary